Fight Brain Rot - Take A Class!

Posted: March 20, 2019 by Stephanie Thibodeau

Social Media rots your brain. It’s well documented. Well ok maybe not documented but who among us has not sat down to look at Aunt Helen’s pictures of her new cat in Facebook and looked up to find it is two hours later and you REALLY need a bathroom?  

Television rots your brain. Now that Netflix moves right on to the next episode of The Great British Baking Show after you have already watched two – who can resist finding out whether Daphne the Welsh virologist can wow Paul with her macadamia and fennel sponge shaped like an anthrax spore?

And honestly the danged internet rots your brain. Get off of wherever you are reading this and go for a long walk.

Still here? Well then let’s talk about Adult Enrichment Classes. All the cool grown-ups are taking them.

I myself am talking fine art classes at Art Muse in Doylestown. 

You can get certified in floral design at Bucks County Community College

You can learn to cook at Montgomery County Community College

You can take Argentinian Tango lessons at Fred Astaire Studios in Doylestown. 

Classes are not free but they are a great return on investment. Here is a brief breakdown:


  • Your money
  • Your time
  • The class could be bad
  • Will you ever really be fluent in French, though?


  • You could meet potential friends and lovers
  • Learning French
  • A break from the sameness of your everyday life
  • Possible professional benefits (?)
  • You could theoretically become a more creative and interesting person
  • What else are you doing with your time, really?

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