4 Renovation Tips to Sell your Bucks County Home for Top Dollar this Spring Main Photo

4 Renovation Tips to Sell your Bucks County Home for Top Dollar this Spring

Now is the time to take the steps to maximize the return on your investment
Posted: January 04, 2019 by Dave Marcolla

4 Renovation Tips to Sell your Bucks County Home for Top Dollar this Spring

What sells homes in Bucks County?  You've probably heard it before, and it still holds true.  Kitchens, bathrooms and curb appeal! 3 sentences you've already got 3 of the tips.  But how much renovation do YOU need to do?  Over-improving can be your worst enemy.  That's why the 4th renovation tip is the key.  Consult a Realtor experienced with 
renovations and remodels!

1 - For many families in Bucks County, the kitchen truly is the heart of the home.  That's why upgrades to a kitchen can be so valuable.  Now let's be clear, the majority of upgrades won't yield 100% return on investment, but it can yield a higher sales price and likely get it sold much faster. This is why you often hear, "first impressions are critical."  The better your home presents upon first impression, especially in key areas like kitchens, the more likely you are to hook a potential buyer!  

So what should you focus on in the kitchen?  I'll always say consult a Realtor because they can look at comparable homes for sale or recently sold and the value of your home to make specific recommendations.  But typically, buyers today want stainless steel appliances, tile or wood floors, stone counters, farm sinks and decent lighting.  Like with any other room in the home, you want to keep the colors somewhat neutral as that allows buyers to imagine their own colors or decorations in the room.

2 - Bathrooms, bathrooms, bathrooms.  Similar to kitchens, its key to not go overboard and keep things neutral.  Must haves?  Current styles in tile flooring, stone top vanity ideally with 2 sinks if master, tiled or glass surround shower and most importantly, a bright and clean space!  Consult your Realtor if unsure.  As money spent over-improving is money not in your pocket at closing!

3 - Curb appeal.  Back to first impressions.  There's none more important than the exterior of your home.  Just like the inside of your home, the outside should look as inviting and welcoming as possible.  Think about asking a friend or family member (or of course your Realtor) to give blunt honest feedback about what they think when they pull up to your home.  What might they do differently.  Sometimes a second or third set of eyes can be a big help as we see our homes everyday and may miss something that someone else would be bothered by.  

Like with kitchens and bathrooms, keep it simple and easy to maintain.  Many times less is more.  You want to be sure the front of the home is completely visible.  Trim back overgrown shrubs, bushes and tress.  Remove anything growing up against the home as that will be an inspection issue.  Be sure water is graded to run away from the home when it rains (vs. towards it).  

Dave Marcolla, MBA - Licensed Realtor PA & NJ 

4 - CONSULT A REALTOR with experience in remodels and renovations.  Tip 4 transcends all areas of the home when prepping for sale in Bucks County.  While anytime is a good time to sell, spring will be hot.  So use the time now to get your plan in place to maximize the value of your home and get it on the market early!  

Check out Simplifying The Market to get a sense of how much you can expect to get back on average from your renovations.  

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