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Top 5 Reasons to List your Bucks County Home Now!

Here's why now is a good time to sell...
Posted: January 13, 2019 by Dave Marcolla

Top 5 Reasons to List your Bucks County Home Now!

Thinking for selling?  Have always been told spring is the time to sell, right?  Well...let's think about that.  There are 5 (well at least 5) reasons I can think of that might throw that advice out the window in 2019!

1 - In order to maximize return on your investment and sell your home for top dollar, you want the least amount of competition possible.  When there are more choices for buyers to choose from, competition increases and your sale price may need to decrease in order to compete.  Right now, inventory levels (your competition) are the lowest we've seen in quite some time.  Lower than last month and lower than this time last year!

2 - For buyers to be motivated, they need to have affordable financing.  Have you seen today's mortgage rates?  They are astonishingly low but poised to increase throughout 2019 as the Fed likely raises rates again this year.  Buyers are being told by their agents, NOW is the time to buy and get you locked in at these incredibly low rates.  That means they're already shopping...not waiting until Spring.

3 - You don't only want top dollar for your home, you also want it to sell quickly.  What drives quick sales?  Motivated buyers, low inventory levels and mortgage rates poised to increase.  Buyers right now are looking to find their dream home and get it under contract and rates locked in quickly.  That means a likely smoother and quicker transaction for you.

4 - How much time do you like to spend outdoors when it's freezing cold and or snow covered?  Probably not more than you have to.  Neither do buyers.  That means less time examining every details of the landscaping, curb appeal or exterior of the home.  Less to nitpick about and less to potentially negotiate over during inspections.  Of course, this means the inside of your home will be the primary focus and needs to be staged well and clean.

5 - If you need to sell to be able to purchase your next home, getting it on the market now means less stress when you start looking.  Let's say you list your home mid-January.  You get it sold by mid-February.  Average 60 day closing means you're out mid-April.  That's an ideal time to move before it gets too hot out and when you're ready to be closing on your next dream home.  Once you're under contract for sale of your home, you're better positioned to put an offer on your next home.  Waiting too long can mean you're not purchasing until late summer and possibly missing out on the perfect home for you!

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