Smoking and Selling your Home

Posted by Jay Ginsberg on April 23, 2019 in  Real Estate Advice  Sell your home
A recent experience listing a home occupied by a smoker underlined the difficulty in selling a home occupied by an active smoker. More than half of the feedback sent by showing agents included some variation of the line: “Buyers put off by smell of cigarette smoke”. The property had to be reduced from the original listing price and I am convinced the smell of cigarettes was largely responsible. According to® Smoking in a home can reduce that property’s resale value by up to 29 perc... read more
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Day Trips - How Long Has it Been? Longwood Gardens

Posted by Maureen Scullion on April 18, 2019 in  Day Trips  Things to Do
Longwood Gardens        When is the last time you visited Longwood Gardens? Have you seen the new fountains? Now that the weather is getting warmer – get in the car and drive the two hours to breathtaking beauty. It’s 100% worth it. According to Wikipedia, in 1700, a Quaker farmer named George Peirce purchased 402 acres of this English-claimed land from William Penn’s commissioners. George’s son Joshua cleared and farmed the land and in 1730 he built t... read more
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Al Fresco Dining in Bucks County

Posted by Stephanie Thibodeau on April 18, 2019 in  Bucks County PA  Things to do in Bucks County
Sunshine - Flowers - Long Days - Go and eat outside!Black Bass Hotel and Restaurant: Combine ambiance with a magnificent view of the Delaware River and an extensive international menu and you’ve got The Restaurant at The Black Bass. Join them for lunch, dinner, or Sunday Brunch. And don't miss Locals Night every Monday through Wednesday. The Deck Restaurant and Bar: The Deck Restaurant and Bar at Bucks County Playhouse offers gastropub fare, a full bar, and a fantastic beer list.  The... read more
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Keep Those Energy Costs Down!

Posted by Karen Johnson on April 17, 2019 in  Budgeting  Energy Efficiency
Now that the temperature is getting warmer the cost of running the air conditioning, dehumidifiers, pool equipment – these costs really start to add up. Here are a few tips to save a few dollars each month. Use The Dishwasher: Grandma was wrong. Dishwasher, especially Energy Star dishwashers, are far more efficient than washing dishes by hand. In fact tested several dishwashers and used the highest rated dishwashing liquid to wash the same number of dirty dishes by hand. Ten dis... read more
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Low Mortgage Rates!

Posted by Cynthia Rundatz on April 05, 2019 in  Buying a home  Mortgage
Granted, we're not back to the sub-4% mortgage rates that dominated much of the past 8 years, but moving back in to the low 4% range is welcome news!  Rate are holding near their lowest levels in well over a year and in fact had their biggest one week fall in over a decade. The net effect has been a decisive break lower with the average lender easily able to offer 4.375% on a typical 30yr fixed scenario.  Many lenders are at 4.25%. The rate drop comes just in time for the spr... read more
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