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There are more than 400 brokerages serving the needs of real estate consumers in our area. Why choose Addison Wolfe? Here is a list of reasons we feel most accurately describe why our firm can best serve you when it is time to sell your home:

Online Presence:  According to the National Association of Realtors® at least 90% of all home buying activity includes a search of the internet. If you are reading this, you are among those who know the internet is a valuable tool for selling Pennsylvania and New Jersey homes. Addison Wolfe recognizes that many of our customers do not live nearby and rely on broad-based advertising vehicles such as the internet to get real estate information. More importantly, we understand that when they ask us a question online, they expect an answer immediately. That is why we have implemented tools that get those email questions into the hands of a sales associate immediately, so that buyer inquiries are processed within the first hour they are submitted. We also invest a significant amount of money into search engines such as Google™ and Yahoo™ in order to ensure properties listed with us are given maximum exposure in a search engine environment.

All Addison Wolfe listings receive international exposure through ListHub Global. This listing syndication tool allows us to showcase your property on websites around the world - China, the U.K., India, France, Italy, Switzerland, Canada and much more.

Publicity:  Addison Wolfe Real Estate is the only real estate company in the area that has hired a full-time public relations firm to assure that those unique characteristics, architectural design or historical importance associated with your home are filtered to the media for specific attention.

Social Media:  It is important that your property is showcased and shared by a vast audience via Facebook and Instagram.  Addison Wolfe has a skilled individual on our staff who monitors and implements all aspects of social media on a daily basis with the latest developments about our properties.

Advertising: Our philosophy is to feature every house for sale in a unique and exciting manner. Given the proximity to New York and Philadelphia, we are certain to create print advertisements that maximize our exposure in those signature real estate markets while also utilizing the best of our local publications to get out the message that your house is for sale. Art Mazzei, one of Addison Wolfe's partners, is well known both in Bucks County and New York for his creative use of the print media and has had tremendous success with feature advertising in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Variety, the Village Voice, Dan's Paper in the Hamptons and many other publications. 

Service: Many Bucks County and New Jersey real estate consumers have reported over the years that they chose a broker because of his or her reputation, only to find the service they received was so poor it outweighed anything that could come from taking advantage of the well-respected name. Addison Wolfe has changed the model; our service providers were all established before we opened the door. When you list with Addison Wolfe Real Estate, you can count on a back office support staff that will walk your file from beginning to end with utmost precision and confidentiality. If there is a challenge, our office has a full-time manager who is available to handle your call and can work with you and our service team to ensure the transaction moves smoothly and discretely.

Experience: Our objective is to make certain that whenever someone calls or emails Addison Wolfe, an experienced, well-trained, competent sales associate who is truly interested in you and your specific needs. To that end, we do not hire agents fresh from the licensing school and we require our sales associates to attend training on issues important to you; technology, negotiating, marketing, real estate law and practice as well as much more. Additionally, we provide them a monthly newsletter with updated economic and demographic information in order to ensure they are providing you the most accurate snapshot of the local real estate marketplace.

When the time comes for you to list your home for sale, be sure to talk with the sales associates at Addison Wolfe Real Estate. We are certain you will be glad that you did.

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